After several years of on and off back problems I decided to get serious about getting in better shape. I had a conversation with Rachel about my goals of improving my core strength and trying to solve my back pain issues and just generally getting in better shape. She designed a workout program for me with my goals in mind and is very diligent in keeping notes to stay on top of my progress. Our workouts are always a two-way conversation and I appreciate her explanations of what the various exercises are supposed to accomplish. Ive learned so much, many of the exercises would never have occurred to me, and many of them I can do on my own. Ive also picked up valuable tips on nutrition and lifestyle that have contributed to my overall health. I have been working out with Rachel for over a year now and my back problems have gone away, my strength is up, and I feel so much better. Rachel is a fun trainer and knows when to push you harder and when to back off. I definitely work out harder when training with her than without. I recommend her without reservation.
Jeffrey W. Wardlow

We really enjoy workouts with Rachel.  Rachel has empathetic style that works to develop your mind and body.  She works consistently to build strength and balance.  I find her workouts challenging and enjoyable.  Rachel is a trainer with skills and motivating direction that helps you to transform your body and build confidence.  She brings energy and enthusiasm to every workout.  She is great!
Derick Adams

Rachel is an extremely talented and motivating trainer. I came to Rachel to help get back into shape. Working with her, not only gave me my body back but my confidence; and the motivation I needed to keep going. She taught me that it takes hard work and perseverance. What I liked most about working with Rachel is that she encourages you through motivation, not by yelling and screaming at you. She is tough but encouraging at the same time. I can honestly say that Rachel is the best trainer I have ever had. Her positive attitude and dedication to what she does makes her someone I look up to as well. She built customized workouts tailored to my body shape and goals. Each workout was new and exciting - and fun! I look forward to our workouts, which is something I didn't think I would ever say! And I started seeing results quicker than I anticipated. If you are thinking of making a change in your fitness routine or a reason to get started, please reach out to Rachel. She will change your life (and body)!
Gina Sharp

I first started working with Rachel in Dec 2012 as a trainer. She helped me reset my exercise program and along the way lose the 10 pounds I couldn't do on my own. She always came prepared with exercise plans for me to learn with her and also work on my own. Rachel made herself available at the fitness center or via text to answer questions and help me along. She has a great sense for people and knows when to push them and when to let them push themselves. I felt so good about her ability, style and personality that I connected her with two of my business associates. She is the kind of trainer that people like and want to work with. I am proud to call her my trainer and friend. 
Rich Spriggle

Rachel has been my personal trainer since the fall of 2013.  I cant imagine working out with anyone else. When I started I was lucky if I could walk up two flights of stairs before having to catch my breath.  The other day, I made it up 29 flights of stairs. I could not have done this without her encouragement and non-judgmental attitude. I love the fact that Rachel works out with me. It makes it more fun. Besides the workout, Rachel has also suggested ways to help me change my diet. When I was stuck and not loosing weight, it took the gentle truth from Rachel for me to acknowledge the problem. I met Rachel several years ago when my son played on the Miracle League of Michigan and she volunteered there. It takes a unique person, one with a gentle spirit and kind heart to commit to these kids especially when they dont have a history of disability in their family. These characteristics are what make Rachel the person she is, and what makes me stay with her as my personal trainer. I also consider my therapist, because she is such a great listener!
Gina Cunningham

I decided in November 2012 to utilize a Fitness Expert to motivate me to gain momentum  with my fitness goals. Rachel Echert  is passionate and a gentle task master. She has motivated me to experiment with scheduled fitness classes for variety and I consistently work out 3 times a week.  My energy level has increased 10 fold.  With clarity and ease, I can tackle life and work stuff so much more balanced. My weekly session with Rachel is truly my "Happy Hour"
Cheryl V Davis

For more than the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work with personal trainer Rachel Eckert. It has been during this time that I have observed the commitment and approach that Rachel has taken with her work as well as external community service. Specifically, I have always found Rachel to be a leader in planning an ongoing variety of exercise programs including; stair-climbing, core workouts, running, weight training and yoga. Frankly, keeping up with her has been a challenge in itself. However, I have also found that Rachel has a balanced approach based on age and abilities which included her volunteer work with the local Miracle Baseball League for children with disabilities.
David Anstett