GUTS™ proudly offers a team of experienced, professional personal trainers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We’ll show you what to eat and what to avoid. We’ll help you lose weight and inches – or gain muscle, if that’s your goal.

Our services are tailored to your age, fitness level and desired goals. We have clients in their 80s who are building muscle and bone density to clients in high school who are looking to improve their strength and speed in order to make it to the “next level.” You’ll be surprised to find out how simple it is to improve your level of fitness, as well as the fitness of your family and loved ones. If you’re not satisfied with your current body and/or fitness level, now is the time to do something about it. Contact GUTS™ today to schedule a FREE consultation – you’ll discover that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier than you imagined.

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“Success is not forever and failure isn't fatal.” 



One-on-one training 
30 minute session   |   $45
45 minute session   |   $70
60 minute session   |   $80

One-on-one   |   $40
nutritional counseling  
A certified GUTS™ Trainer or dietitian meets with you to develop a nutritional plan.

One-on-two sessions   |   $100
Partner Sessions; 45 minutes  
You and your workout partner – friend, neighbor, spouse – team up and enjoy private training while splitting the reduced costs.



10 sessions   
|   $650
Ten personal training sessions with a GUTS™ trainer (45 minute sessions). Sometimes a bigger commitment up front can get you over the proverbial training hump.

20 sessions   |   $1250
Twenty personal training sessions with a GUTS™ Trainer (45 minute sessions). The biggest commitment can give you the biggest results.

*If a GUTS™ trainer is going to your home, and you live more than 15 miles away, there may be an additional $15 charge for travel time.