Special Needs Fitness Classes

Martial Arts / Dance / Zumba / Yoga / Soccer / Football / Baseball / Cheerleading

When we developed the GUTS™ business model, our primary focus was working with young, aspiring athletes of middle-school age. That got us thinking: Exactly what kind of a kid is an athlete? Both of us arrived at the conclusion pretty quickly: any kid who wants to be.

Inspired by Todd’s daughter, Amarissa, who has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism, we’ve instituted much-needed fitness and athletic programs for the special needs community, especially children with Down syndrome.

No more glaring absence. While the special needs community has physical, speech and occupational therapy options, fitness options were virtually nonexistent.  But now, Team GUTS™ is ready to train all athletes who want to learn to be better.

Team GUTS™ is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the special needs community. We will provide one-on-one training, fitness classes, strength training and sports camps for those athletes, especially for adults and children with Down Syndrome. No family will be turned away. Rather, we will provide scholarships to economically-challenged families that are in need of financial assistance.

Athletic activities are especially important for the special needs community, given the unique challenges they face in remaining fit. Research indicates that many children and adolescents with Down syndrome have low fitness levels and suffer with obesity. It’s generally attributed to sedentary lifestyles, the lack of social and recreational opportunities, or low motivation to be physically active (Volume 12, Issue 1, July 2007, Down Syndrome Research and Practice).

The good news? Research also tells us that exercise can help these people - and all people - reclaim and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By establishing Team GUTS™, a tax-exempt non-profit, we can make a major impact on the lives thousands with special needs children and adults.

Through our Ground Up Training System™ (GUTS™), a training platform based on the most reputable and comprehensive research available, we help our clients reach their potential and improve their quality of life without burning-out or getting injured. GUTS™ Training Center treats each client with dignity regardless of age, athletic ability, special needs or physical condition.