“Paul and Todd gave gave my son the tools he needed to improve his baseball skills. Their approach is systematic and successful. Within weeks, my son was hitting with more power than he ever had before. Their method works.”  
- David Zeman, father of Jalen

“My son Sean learned more baseball fundamentals in one "Turner Brother" practice than he did in 5 prior years of playing organized Little League Baseball. Both Todd and Paul know baseball and how to best teach kids baseball fundamentals and the importance of respecting the game, peers, opponents, and themselves.”
- Steve Kent, father of Sean

"The Turner brothers are part coach, part teacher, part cheerleader and part friend. What an incredible combination."
- Deborah Kent, mother of Sean

“I have had a variety of experiences with Little League coaches as the baseball crazy mother of four boys and the grandmother of one who is still involved. For several seasons now, I have had the pleasure of watching and listening to the way Paul and Todd Turner teach and coach. They impress me with their dedication, fairness, knowledge of the game and caring interaction with the players. They are the best I've ever known.”
- Rhea Schaefer, grandmother of Scott

"Paul and Todd Turner WILL make your child a good, if not great, baseball player. If your child has the desire; they will bring out the best within him or her."
- John Hiipakka, father of Brody

"Paul Turner is a knowledgeable, driven coach. He teaches and pushes kids to be their best. His intensity and heart represent how much he cares. We enjoyed our experience and completely and thoroughly recommend the Turner's. "
- Jeff Fox, father of Clayton

“This just seems like a good time to just say thanks! You put a lot in. We appreciate it. Josh's ever growing love of the game is in no small part grown from his time with you (and Paul)!! Please know that we're deeply indebted to you for the passion and energy that you share with the boys. Thank you”
- Bill Eisenman & Susan Guenther, father and mother of Josh

“Paul and Todd, I can't express to you how happy we were to see Kane getting some truly meaningful baseball instruction yesterday. Honestly, he received more one on one teaching (relative to the mechanics of hitting, fielding, and throwing) in one practice, than he has in the past two seasons. The systematic approach you’ve developed (both in the field and at the plate) is an integral part in the development of any young player. Kane now has tangible, teaching points he can reference while working on his game. He had a great time last night, and is excited about playing more baseball. Thanks for welcoming him into your program.”
- Michael Quinlan (Royal Oak teacher/coach), father of Kane