Exercise is good for you. No brainer, right?

Absolutely. But in recent years, mainstream exercise has become inundated with fads, trends and buzzwords. Sadly, these routines are more about marketing and less about results.

Enter, GUTS™.

GUTS™ stands for Ground Up Training System. And as you’ll quickly learn, GUTS™ also stands for results. We firmly believe that the simplest form of physical fitness is progressive resistance. That’s how muscles get stronger. That’s how results are achieved. And that’s the stone cold truth we base our entire business on.

GUTS™ isn’t program-first. It’s you-first. Regardless of age, athletic ability or activity level, we tailor a specific exercise regimen that addresses your needs, your desires and your fitness level. We will work on building what we call your “infrastructure.” That’s your foundation. Your core. And that needs to be exceptionally strong or everything else in your structure will be compromised. By building your infrastructure from the “ground up,” we’ll train you to be better in everything you do, from enhanced performance on the playing field to picking up and holding a grandchild.

Think of GUTS™ as the pre-requisite to all your training: the “ground up” method that comes first when results are what matter most.






We grew up in a sports-oriented family. As kids, we were always involved in some sports activity regardless of the time of year. Fall was football, winter was basketball or wrestling and spring/summer was baseball. Meals were planned around our sports schedule. Family vacations were planned around our sports schedule. That’s just the way it was.

We both had an affinity for the Great American Pastime, sharing a dream of one day playing in the Major Leagues. Though our dream of making it to the big leagues may not have materialized (Todd would jokingly say, “We were one gene away from being 6’ 2” and 230 lbs. and running a 4.4 second forty yard dash. One gene!”), we recognized a calling to share our love and knowledge of the game with others, especially children.

That dedication was instilled in us by our coach, mentor and model: our uncle, Joe Sefa. Joe was an All State athlete who played linebacker for the University of Oklahoma back in the late ‘50s. However, his greatest gift was his ability to teach, inspire, motivate and manage young, aspiring athletes. We learned the game inside and out from Uncle Joe. He taught us the right way to play. And from him, we learned the right way to teach.

After successful sports careers throughout high school, Paul was offered opportunities to play baseball for smaller colleges and Todd went out to Arizona in pursuit of becoming a student athlete. Paul would move on to academia at the University of Michigan and Todd later returned to Michigan to complete his degree at U of M.

Along the way, we never lost our passion for sports and working with young athletes. We knew we had inherited a wonderful ability to teach kids all aspects of competitive athletics. We knew we could instill self-confidence and self-esteem in kids with any and all levels of athletic ability.

For the past 15 years, we’ve coached kids from ages 5-15 in local youth baseball programs. In addition, we’ve started a tournament team called the Titans. The Titans program was designed to provide higher end competition to those aspiring players that showed a serious aptitude for the game.

A few years ago, we decided our dream couldn’t wait any longer. We got together to brainstorm a career change. As our springboard, we took a giant leap of faith based on Todd’s personal training career and expertise. Our crazy love for sports and deep dedication to teaching guided us to create something where we could both help people of all ages improve their quality of life through proper exercise. We established GUTS™, a training center designed for everyone, but especially middle-school age kids.

Soon afterwards, we incorporated special needs children and adults as part of our long-term plan (Todd’s daughter, Amarissa, has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism). The special needs community promises to be our primary client base, simply because they are virtually neglected when it comes to physical fitness programs. To address this, we’ve created a 501(c)(3) to compliment GUTS™, called Team GUTS™.

Finally, we’re doing what we love – teaching kids sports, fitness and helping them lead healthier, positive lives. We’re so grateful for the guidance we got as kids and thrilled that we’re able to give some of that back to a new generation.